An Instrument for God

I was thinking today of my friend Robyn and her dyslexia and it occurred to me we all have our problems and deficiencies. I thought of that very famous violinist Itzhak Perlman who went to play in Israel. There was much hype and great expectation for the concert. At last he stood on the stage […]

True Worship

Jarrod Cooper writes… A lot of songs might be confession, intercession or prayer, but they are not worship. Worship is when our focus is completely fixed on Him! The closer you get to the throne, in the bible, the more God-focussed the songs become. In the end it’s just Holy, holy, holy! In our gathered […]

The Wonder of Hebrew

From my Messianic friend Benjamin Andreesson This picture is a good simple example of hidden in plain sight which illustrates the messages from God hidden in the Hebrew. Some are limited to just seeing the overall picture and miss entirely the hidden words and messages. There are four methods of Scripture interpretation that are used […]

The Gospel in secular and sacred settings

(Continuing from the previous blog…) And going on to look at Paul in Corinth and Ephesus adds more fascinating detail on his preaching. He preached in both sacred (synagogues) and secular buildings (the lecture hall of Tyrannus). He argued (dialegomai) and persuaded (peitho). Both these verbs are used several times. Of course, argument and persuasion […]

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