Our Team

Bill & Mary

The Mishkan adventure builds on various expressions of prayer and hospitality over a number of years. Bill is a retired engineering manager whilst Mary left a brief career in nursing to produce a family. She has had various opportunities to grow in the adventure of prayer as well as honing culinary skills. Their different styles complement each other well.

Bill and Mary have recently retired from the Eldership team at New Life Church (Derby) in order to focus more on  what God is building at Mishkan.

Cathy & Kerry

Cathy and Kerry spent some years leading the prayer ministry team at New Life Church (Derby). 

They were invited to join the Mishkan team in the summer of 2018 in order to develop the monthly Retreat Days. This brief has grown to include the wider prayer ministry that is developing here. 

Cathy and Kerry are valued for the thoughtful reflections that introduce the Retreat Days as well as for the prophetic edge that they bring to the prayer ministry.


Kit has been part of the Mishkan family from the beginning, although various travels and living for a year in Israel had her as a silent partner for a season. 
She is a keen student of Scripture and an able teacher.

With her prophetic and pastoral gifts, Kit is a valued support on the Retreat Days and in the wider  prayer ministry that we offer. Her ability to apply the Word of God to what she hears from the Holy Spirit makes her a delight as a prophetic intercessor.