Praying for our new Government

From our friends at the World Prayer Centre

This really is a new Government with significantly different players, policies and priorities from Theresa May’s. Sometimes it is hard to separate our political views, which will range from Boris is awful to Boris is the answer – from our spiritual call to pray and protect our nation. These first few days will shape the Government’s direction so it is important to pray into some key issues.

  • For Boris Johnson – Lord Your will be done whether the Government is to succeed or fail – Your will be done. We pray he will have righteous counselors around him.
  • For Pritti Patel the new Home Secretary – use her and her team to reduce knife and gun crime, and break the power of gangs and organised crime.
  • Dominic Rabb – Foreign Secretary – wisdom as he considers the challenges in the Gulf, and reshapes relations with other nations.
  • Julian Smith – Northern Ireland – a breakthrough at Stormont, and restored Government and that he will be a block to the proposed abortion and same-sex changes.
  • Jo Swinson – new leader of the Liberal Democrats – again we pray for wisdom.
  • For a wise and effective opposition (recognising that some of this may be within the Conservative party!) – every Government’s decisions are improved by the quality of its opposition.
  • For us as Christians – help us not to get submerged in the divisive, name-calling, undermining spirit that is consuming our politics. Let us disagree in love, let us bless.