Your A-D-V-E-N-T Calendar – Christmas week: T

by rodneyshotter

This is Christmas week and we come to meditate on the arrival of Jesus and what it means for the world.

T – Transformation. With the arrival of Jesus on earth the whole of history and the state of man was transformed. He came to set us and the whole of creation free
from corruption. He came to save us from ourselves!

When Jesus comes again that transformation will be completed. Every knee shall bow! No more pain, no more lies or self-deception, all will be made clear. The seed of love that was planted in the world by the birth of Jesus and which grew into the tree of the cross will complete its transformation into the flower of eternal ecstasy, where time is no longer constrained, but ever ticking.

Each and every one of us is daily being transformed by the power of God through the Holy Spirit so that His love grows stronger in us and His new Kingdom on earth is being born and built in us and will come to complete fruition on the day of His return.

Are you looking expectantly forward to your appointment with Jesus? Are you following the light of His star that He casts before to direct your path that leads to
victory through His transforming love? If you are there is no room for depression or worry about the state of your life and the world around you – there is only room for hope and joy.

rodneyshottter | December