9 June 2022 Ukraine Update

The teams have all been going out to minister and deliver food. There are several Y staff out in villages today.

A few Y staff are down near the frontlines delivering medical supplies and solar chargers as well as food. Prayers for safety and for the Gospel to go forth.

We had a chance to go 25km from Kherson region and bring aid to the village there. We also met and were connected with an orthodox priest who takes care of the community there. We had time to pray, talk and encourage people alongside with bringing them food.

Every time I am going closer to the front line I am telling people about whole world who’s standing with them and helping by providing this help. I can’t tell you how much it means for them to know that they are not alone. We are not alone.

“They were able to take people from the hot zone in Kharkiv. People were shocked how calm everything else is around. Shocked that people continue to live while they and their neighbours are suffering so much.

Y Ukraine are so grateful for the prayer and financial support. They are reaching many who have been in hiding and needing food and medical supplies. Thank you!

Photos are from the city of Kherson where the teams are traveling to.