Update from Y Ukraine – July 18

“This war has ruined the life you had and the one you’ve been building.”

We have a team in a region that has been under an intensive attack the past couple of weeks. Another team this week is going to Kharkiv region. We started fixing homes for winter – putting in windows, this week the team is coming and will be fixing a home for a widow and her daughter, the home was completely destroyed, so we will be fixing their small summer kitchen to help them live through the winter.

Our leaders are going over plans for the next phase of the war. Everyone is worried about winter coming and many of the people they have met in the villages who do not want to leave, some coming back to destroyed houses. We are planning to create simple structures, not homes, temporary to get them through winter and maybe another winter or two depending on how the war goes.

The Vinnytsia bombing was a bit of a shake up in that it was such a random thing in a city far away from the war, a safe place. We have a team there of predominantly orphans doing such a good job with the many refugees that have come seeking safety. The ministry location was not affected except for the fear left behind. The last few days a lot of the posts were just disbelief and disgust at this random act of violence.

We ask for prayer for God to comfort and heal the many families in this small city who are experiencing loss, shock, anger, and fear today.

All in all the teams are doing well, in fact better than well, they are moving on and thinking of the future. There is a tiredness of the continuous war and the fear that it will go on and on and the world will soon forget them. Thank you for your continual prayer and support to help the teams fulfil the call on their lives to help those who are suffering.

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