Our Father who art in heaven, what an honour that you know my name
No turning of a shadow, your love is constant, you are always the same
Your glorious throne is in heaven; this little earth serves as your footstool
We pray ‘let Your will be done, let Your kingdom come’ as we welcome your rule

Your command fathered the universe: galaxies, sun, moon and star
Yet you condescend to me, to gaze in my eyes, you’re never too far
What Might you have, what Majesty, such Power and such Glory
Yet you knitted me together, and you care to know all of my story

You searched intently for me and then you ran out to meet
The Father’s affectionate embrace held me as I wept at your feet
You have always carried me so close to your heart
And your new compassion each morning is my fresh start

You are patient, gentle, warm, kind and meek
You carry me, as a daddy lifts his little child to his cheek
Yet you are my refuge, where I flee to hear your voice
My strong tower, where I feel safe, and over me you do rejoice

You are worthy of all praise, and your spoken word cannot fail
You love me as you do Jesus, our mighty King whom we hail
What other king would say this ‘sit beside me on my throne’
To those on earth who conquer, before He calls us home

So Pater, Papa, Daddy, Baba, we worship you in this Father’s Day of rest
There is so much to say to you, such praise oh God, for how we are blessed
You are not like an earthly father, You Are THE Father, in perfect love we’re secure
Holy Holy Holy you are, you are all we truly need, now and forevermore  

Elle Warrener-Davis Tuesday 4th June 2019