Mishkan is a House of Prayer, and so much flows from the practice of prayer.

We gather to pray, to seek after Him, shoes off, standing on holy ground.  And in this gathering together there is a fellowship – brothers and sisters coming together – and there are so many expressions of hospitality and sharing life together, of loving and being loved.

With all this in mind I bring a quote from a book, I discovered today, entitled “St Stephen’s Prayer Book” by Joel Mason (2008).

“We are a network of relationships, some close, some distant, some acquaintance-like.  We bleed and play, pray and breathe; nothing new.  We are looking for the sweet undergrowth of the awareness of God in ourselves, in each other, and the world which is His.  And we are His, to different extents and in different ways.”

This is us. This is all of us who seek to live out the Gospel alone and, importantly, together.   Mishkan, I believe, helps us to discover that “sweet undergrowth of the awareness of God.”

Kerry Usher    July 2019