(from a Facebook post)

How beautiful pearls are. Still we must know that they are product of pain. Every Pearl is the consequence of an oyster that has been injured by a grain of sand that has entered inside. An oyster that has not been injured can not produce pearls…
In the inner part of the oyster there is a substance called “Mother of pearl” and when a grain of sand penetrates into the oyster, it covers it with layers of mother to protect itself. As a result, a beautiful and bright pearl is forming.
Have you felt hurt by the words, or attitudes of someone?
Have you been accused of saying things you never said?
Have you been rejected or had your ideas ridiculed?
Have you been blamed for doing something you never did?
Have you been hurt by precisely those people you least expected?
Don’t you appreciate how you really deserve it?

So forgive and make your wound a pearl. Cover your wounds with several layers of love, remember that the more covered your wound is, the less pain you will feel. On the contrary, if you do not cover it with love, that wound will remain open, it will hurt more and more every day, it will be infected with resentment and bitterness and worse yet, it will never heal over. In our society, we can see many “empty oysters” not because they have not been injured, but because they did not know how to forgive, understand and transform the pain into a pearl
“a pearl is… a wound healed by the love of God”