Christian Life

Running a Marathon

Ever wondered why a Marathon is an odd distance of 26 miles 385 yards (42.2km)? Before 1908, a Marathon was around 25miles. The change occurred on 24 July 1908, at the London Olympics. At Princess Mary’s request, the Race was lengthened to 26 miles such that the Race started below Windsor Castle’s Nursery so that […]

The Real Me

How would you describe yourself today?  I don’t mean whether you are short/ tall; thin/ fat; black/ white; but the “inside you”, the REAL you? Perhaps if you were totally honest, you might say you were feeling insecure; angry; joyful; unhappy; blessed; tired; or maybe a mixture of a number of emotions and feelings…. We […]

Losing your Song

A couple of years ago, I was fascinated by a BBC News report about an endangered species of bird called the Regent Honeyeater which is found only in South Eastern Australia. It has a very sparse distribution over a vast area, and the male birds are now forgetting their own song, and mimicking the songs […]

Take Heart

I am sure you will agree that our hearts are an indispensable component of our bodies! If our hearts become damaged in some way (perhaps due to illness or a blockage), all that we could normally undertake would be seriously hampered. In the same way, the seat of our emotions (the heart of who we […]


Time passes… Time always passes. Time doesn’t stand still, doesn’t wait for us to be less busy or for us to be better prepared for what is about to come. It’s one of the things we can’t stop, can’t control, no matter how much we try. It just… passes. And every new tick joins a […]