Being there

Morning reflection after reading the daily office.

Oh the familiarity and healing power of this deeply rooted church resource.

Looking out of the wide-open patio doors of Susannah Wesley House this morning, feeling the fresh winter air on my skin, reminding me I’m still alive and able to feel something. Reflecting on peace in the stillness of this new day. God says, be still my child, know I’m here, and that you are loved.

The deep sadness and inner turmoil, which I have become more accustomed to these days, never lasts or lingers for too long. At least until the morning sun breaks through again or when God shows up in the face of another human being. And peace returns.

When you’re at your lowest ebb you need these moments. But we also need people in our life and circle to be strong, courageous and wise, people who have known your darkness, wounded healers, to shine when you can’t, to have faith when you’re faithless, to hold you up when you can barely stand.

God uses people to bring light and peace into our darkness.

Don’t be afraid to be someone’s light or peace this day. It could literally save their life.