Your A-D-V-E-N-T Calendar

by rodneyshottter

Short Acrostic Reflections for Advent

First Sunday in Advent. Matt.2:1-11
A – Appointment. The wise men studied the heavens and saw the sign of the birth of a special kind of King. They each in turn decided to go and find and pay homage to this King.

We all have an appointment with God, sooner or later. Isa. 2 “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, ….” At this place we will be judged and taught at the same time. My understanding along with a chappie called Moltmann is that He will come again to be part of His creation descending to live among us.

There will be some who like Herod will fear this day. We, like the wise men, will have the opportunity to meet with the King of Creation. We as Christians should be excited by the prospect of this meeting because it heralds in a better world. Although like the rest of creation we are flawed we have nothing to fear because of the:-

A- Atonement. John 1:29. Rom.3:25. Through the blood sacrifice of Jesus we are At-one-ment with God. Our sins have been cancelled out by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.