July 6

From a missionary serving in the Ukraine

“Today we saw what is the loss, the devastation, the pain, the need. We see the real consequences of war. Behind me in the photo is just a speck of the Kyiv region – area that was a real battle field, occupied for over 40 days, shelled first and then on foot to follow. Over 30 villages left in ruins, thousands of people left with destroyed homes, some partially, some completely gone.

But we came to walk these streets to enter broken homes and to look at the devastation with trust in God. As much as our hearts are breaking with grief and compassion, we are filled with hope.

We hold His hand and introduce His life to people in tears. We take a step in boldness. It is boldness to claim that God cares and has not forgotten and that He can provide. It is boldness to look at this overwhelming devastation and to say that God will help!

Pray with us for 100 temporary homes and 100 repaired homes to be accomplished. Little by little we will see the Ukrainian people protected from the cold winter ahead.”