Report from Ukraine – July 9

Even in the midst of war, we come across stories like the following which shows the devotion and passion for others.

A number of teachers are managing to continue their classes online from the trenches.

Here in Ukraine, there are a number of teachers who are serving in the military but still finding ways to continue their students’ education. One of those teachers has been teaching sociology and tourism from the trenches.

“Even students who would skip classes before, turn up to every lecture.” “He has told us that we have to be smart, that we are fighting for a smart nation.”Some 900 teachers have joined the armed forces so far.

During one class, the sounds of bombing and gunfire were very loud and so the students heard everything. The teacher hid in the trenches and continued to teach.” We need to continue to pray for Ukraine. Our mission staff and volunteers are very committed to help those in need. As long as the supplies continues, our staff go to the high risk areas to help families and the elderly.

Thank you for your continual prayer for our mission family in Ukraine.