A little bio on Ian Barclay

Ian was the vicar of my church in Brighton when I was a newly born again student nurse in the early ’70’s. He baptised me in a swimming pool and a few years later dedicated our firstborn before moving on to a more itinerant ministry. Ian was an excellent preacher, skilfully handling the Word of God. Those years were a perfect nurturing place for me as a baby believer.

Bill and I popped in to see him on our brief trip back to Brighton in May; we’d not seen him in about 38 years. It was such a privilege to be able to thank him for his input all those years ago. I think it did him good to see how we’d fared since those early years!

Ian is long retired, but continues to write some very thoughtful reflections on his Facebook page. He has given me carte blanche to use them here. Thank you Ian!