The Changeless Word

Tozer: The Pastor’s Pastor

A.W.(Aiden Wilson) Tozer was born on this day (21 April) 1897. He was perhaps the most profound mystic that evangelicals have ever produced. In spite of little formal education he was ordained in 1920 and after several small pastorates he moved to Southside Alliance Church in Chicago and remained there until 1959 when he moved […]

The Irrefutable Gospel

Sadly, gone are the days when people sought to defend Christianity. Nobody seems to bother to do that today. The general consensus of opinion in the world seems to be it really isn’t worth bothering about. I thought of that because I have been reading about Gilbert West and Lord Lyttleton undertaking to organise a […]


From Ian Barclay I remember reading “The Life of Abraham Lincoln” and being struck by the profound spiritual experience he had in the last days of his life. As a blind man longs for light, so Lincoln groped for a fuller, deeper, more satisfying experience of God. He tried the many ways that the saints […]

The Gospel in secular and sacred settings

(Continuing from the previous blog…) And going on to look at Paul in Corinth and Ephesus adds more fascinating detail on his preaching. He preached in both sacred (synagogues) and secular buildings (the lecture hall of Tyrannus). He argued (dialegomai) and persuaded (peitho). Both these verbs are used several times. Of course, argument and persuasion […]

God has spoken

I love that place at the beginning of the letter to the Hebrews where the writer says, “In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times (3,808 times it says “thus says the Lord”) and in various ways (literally “bits and pieces” – polumeros & polutropos), but in these last […]


I was reading John Eddison the other day and he could remember the knots he had learned a a Boy Scout. That brought memories for me of over 65 years ago of learning my knots with the Scouts too. He then introduced us to 4 Biblical knots: (i) FORGET NOT – Psalm 103:2. (ii) FEAR […]

Outside In

We watched a film one evening last week. It came with a warning. “Viewers will find some dialogue in this film “racist”.” The remark reminded me that the Jews weren’t fond of foreigners. They would regard me as a “Gentile” (which I am) and would have nothing to do with me. “Gentile” in the New […]