Storms of Life

Just before the “lockdown” we had quite a bad storm. It reminded me of something I had read about in the 16th century. An Orkney fisherman stood on a cliff watching the worst storm of his lifetime destroying his cottage, boat and all his fishing equipment. He couldn’t understand how the God he worshipped could […]

First things first

It is funny (No that is absolutely the wrong word because it is very serious) that people get the wrong idea about the Ten Commandments and see them as something we must obey if we want to have any hope of salvation. Nothing could be further from the truth. From beginning to end the Bible […]

El Olam

“El Olam” is a name of God that comes comparatively few times, yet it reveals a wonderful aspect of His character. It means “the Everlasting God.” Its meaning is a little difficult to convey, because the Hebrew word “Olam” can’t be expressed in one particular English word. In Hebrew, “Olam” means: “everlasting”…“evermore”…“old”…“ancient time”…“beginning of the […]