Jehovah m’qaddesh

The word “god” in English is almost, if not completely meaningless. We need to give it “content” and “context” to have meaning – which is why we looking at the Bible’s names for God. They tell us so much about His being, His character and His activity.

We are going to look at a very rare name today. But one that is very important! It is not often “transliterated” into English. It is “Jehovah-m’qaddesh” – “The Lord Who sanctifies.” It first appears in Exodus 31:13 in the reiteration of the command to observe the “Sabbath.” The Sabbath is God’s gracious gift to man. It is not primarily to provide rest and refreshment – that is secondary! It’s supreme purpose is to establish GOD’S CLAIM ON THE LIVES OF HIS PEOPLE.

To “be holy” is an impossible standard! Just as no human being can “justify themselves” (make themselves right before God), so no human being can “sanctify” themselves (make themselves holy). It is something that only the TRIUNE GOD can do! In the full light of the New Testament we realise this. We are “sanctified by God the Father” (Jude 1), by Christ, “who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption” (1 Cor 1:30; cf Heb 10:10; 13:12), and through the Spirit (1 Pet 1:2). God in the totality of His being, is active in the sanctification of His people.