What’s in a name?

The many names and titles given to God in the Bible contain a revelation of His person and character, and His purposes towards humankind, of which even Christian people are sometimes unaware. Names mean little to us – for us they are just “labels” to help us identify people. BUT in the East it is otherwise. Bible names are significant. Some parents tried to tell us about their children in the names given them. Plainly the parents of NABAL (which means “fool”) must have done so! “As his name, so he is; Nabal is his name, and folly is with him”(1 Sam 25:25).

Names reveal so much about many of God’s servants. ELIJAH means “Jehovah is God” and ELIMELECH means “Elohim is King”. And so on.

God’s name reveals so much about Him – which is why we are looking at them.