Cast your burdens…

We have been trying to help several people at the moment who are struggling with various intractable problems. I suppose that is the “default” human position?

It made me think of Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the LORD” (NIV). Older translations say, “Cast your BURDENS….” – The NIV correctly sees David in this Psalm not referring to a burden on his “back” but in his “heart.” David knew that mental problems are worse than the physical, and there is only one resort where true relief is to be found. There is a sense that these sort of problems are INESCAPABLE. Think of David – he is King – wealthy – godly – and old. This should remind us that such problems come to the high born as well as the low, the rich as well as the poor, saints as well as sinners, young as well as the old.

There are temptations in this Psalm too. (i) The temptation to think God is unconcerned – v1, “Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea.” (ii) The temptation to want to flee from life – v6, “Oh that I had the wings of a dove!” (iii) The temptation to become moodily “self occupied” vv12, 14, and 21. (iv) The temptation to become bitter with people and life, v15.

David’s advice: “Cast your cares on the LORD.” We quickly say, “That is just what I cannot do!” BUT then David tells us we are not alone! – “Cast your cares on the LORD and HE WILL SUSTAIN YOU” We are back to the names of God!!!!!!- it is the “LORD” – “Jehovah” – The God who “IS, WAS, and ALWAYS WILL BE everything his people need!” So he is right with us, to help us do the “casting.”