Fruit of the Spirit (6): Goodness

“The fruit of the Spirit is…..GOODNESS”(Galatians 5:22). J.B. Lightfoot suggests that “kindness” refers to a kind disposition, whereas “goodness” refers to kindness in action.
Some people think it a rather fuddy-duddy word and make fun of it. George Bernard Shaw wrote a play called “Too True to be Good.” The main character was Private Meek; a part he obviously modelled on Lawrence of Arabia. Shaw saw Lawrence as being so idealistic that he ceased to be an attractive personality, and many would say that Christian goodness is so demanding that it makes life unattractive and dull.
Dr. John Gossip said, “It is held by many, as the first axiom, that holiness is a dull affair, and God’s company intolerably dreary, and that for vividness and colour and interest you must look elsewhere.”
Dr. Paul Rees browsing in a public library found a book called “Why We Can’t Be Good.” He opened it and on the fly leaf read, “Sin writes history; Goodness is silent.” The author was right, there is nothing more silent than goodness, it is an unseen practical generosity that changes the world.