Fruit of the Spirit (9) Self control

“The fruit of the Spirit is…..SELF CONTROL”(Gal 5:22).
Paul illustrates this 9th virtue when writing to the Christians in Corinth where the Ithmian Games were held every 3 years. Before the contest every athlete had to submit himself to rigorous training. For 10 months he was under oath to keep to a prescribed diet and a course of strenuous training. When he came to compete he was fit. In the foot race there was only one winner and the utmost effort was necessary. (See 1 Cor 9:24-27). We aim at fitness for the service of God.
Our body is not like a tomb as the Greeks thought – where the soul is imprisoned in the body, and the task of philosophy was to free the shackled body. Our body is the Temple of The Holy Spirit. And like an athlete we exercise self control in all things.
When we turn to food and drink the principle is moderation and nothing in excess. The glutton perverts this natural function and the pleasure of eating becomes an end in itself.
Although they were written over 300 years ago Jeremy Taylor’s 4 rules are helpful. “Eat not before time” (wait for your regular meals). “Eat not hastily or impatiently” ( don’t gobble food voraciously). “Eat not delicately or nicely” (He is referring to the glutton of QUALITY!). “Eat not too much” (Now we have the gluttony of quantity).
So self control in all things. Work? TV? Sport?