My weakness, His strength

“Out of weakness were made strong,”(Hebrews 11:34).
I am a voracious reader of biography. I suppose few biographies have influenced Christians more in the last hundred years than Hudson Taylor’s and D.L. Moody’s. What was their secret? Here it is in Moody’s own words, “The Lord was looking for a man WEAK enough to use, and he found me.” Moody goes on to explain, “We may be too big for God to use, but never too small.”

The truth is that many of us are disqualified, not through weakness, but a deep subtle resistance in our own ego to the Divine will. Before God can use us, He has to break this resistance down. Remember that strange Wrestler from the heavenly world who struggled with Jacob at the brook Jabbok. For years God tried to break down the ego of Jacob, but nothing seemed to work until that crisis-wrestler that left him a lame and limping man.

I remember a ministers’ meeting some fifty years ago where the speaker spoke on Jacob at Jabbok and said, “I always suspect any minister without a limp!” May be that is how we must prepare ourselves for 2020!?