Q&A With God

from Sandi Hobbs, YWAM Derby

In our YWAM Derby team meeting this morning, we wrote conversations with God about 2020, both what we want to say to God, and His answer to us. I feel God is asking me to put mine here, and that someone needs His words to me at the moment. It’s a bit long, but here it is:

ME: God what on earth is going on?

The world is turned upside down, and not by the Good News but by bad. We started the year with huge fires in Australia, and they carried on in different parts of the world. Is that your judgement, or the result of man’s stupidity?

And then there were floods, but not where the fires were, but in places where more devastation would be wrought. Is that your judgement, or the result of random weather?

Then came Coronavirus, bringing fear and anguish and death and isolation and poverty and hunger. Is that your judgement, or the result of man’s recklessness?

Then came protests, and angry people taking to the streets, over real injustice and perceived injustice, some peaceful, but some violent. Is that your judgement, or just man’s anger and selfishness? Or is it people tired of others’ anger and selfishness?

Then came deeper divisions and anger politically, and nations dividing, warring against themselves, in many places around the earth. Is that your judgement, or the result of man’s sinfulness and greed?

And the 2nd wave of Covid, sweeping through many nations, once again brings fear and sickness and Restrictions and Lockdown and frustration to our hearts. Is this the result of what You are doing, or just our own refusal to do what is right?

Even your Church seems to rage against the world! I want things to go back the way they were, God. Why can’t we go back to how it was? I’ve had enough! God, what is your answer?

GOD: I am Who I am, says the Lord.

I am not on anyone’s side, and believe it or not, I am holding back the worst that could be at this moment.

I am God, and I am for you. And I am for whoever is for ME, and I am for whoever is looking for Me whether they know they are looking for Me or not. This means I am actually for everyone on this planet, because not everyone knows that the questions they are asking, and the longings in their hearts, are actually put there to eventually lead them to Me and My Love.

Lift up your eyes, lift up your heads, lift up your minds and your hearts. Do not look down but look up. Look up to ME. Do not focus any longer on what you see around you. Like Peter looking at the waves and sinking, if you look to the situation around you for support, you will drown. Look to Me. Let Me be your sustenance, your life, your HOPE. And let Me use My People to be my Love to you.

Because of My great Love for you, I died for you. I understand grief, and frustration, and injustice, because I too have lived it and had to bear it. But because of Who I Am, I have overcome it! And I beckon all who are weary and heavy laden with the griefs and frustrations of this world to come to Me, to find peace and hope and salvation. Those who have found Me find Truth. Those who have found Me find Hope. Those who have found Me find Life. Those who have found Me find Love. Do you love Me?

What is love? Love is Patient – be patient with what I am doing in you and in the world during this season. I do have a plan, and it is in motion. Love is Kind – allow my kindness to keep you safe. But safe, I think, doesn’t mean what you think it means. By keeping you safe, I mean safe for eternity. My Kindness leads you to repentance, and to a salvation far stronger that saving your mortal life. The Salvation My Kindness offers is eternal. Love Does Not Envy – don’t look at how I am caring for someone else – you are different to them and the love you need is different to how they need my care. Allow Me to love you the way you need My love. What you need is not always what you want. Love does not dishonour – do not dishonour me in your attitudes or your words. The way you speak, both out loud and in your mind, about other people and about yourself, is the way you see My Precious Creation. Will you honour Me with the way you choose see others, even those you fear? Love Is Not Self-Seeking – are you more concerned about your own choices than the choices I give you? Am I not a generous God? My generosity is good, and gives you what you need, not always what you want. So many times, what you want will bring destruction, but I have come to bring Life. Let my choices for you bring Life into your heart. Love Is Not Easily Angered – You do not need to rage, nor to fight your own battles; allow me to bring my vengeance, my judgement, when the time is right. This does not mean I will leave you to be downtrodden – no STAND as the child of God and watch Daddy do His work! Love Keeps No Record Of Wrongs – when you continually list all your problems, you turn your attention away from Me, and your sadness and lostness breaks my heart. If you love me, list instead My blessings for you, because this will remind you of My Great Love for you. Remember that My Love always Protects, even if my Protection sometimes feels hard, because my arms which surround and restrict you are to keep you safe; Remember that My Love Always Trusts, because I know that with My Help, you can choose to do right, both in your attitudes and your actions; Remember that My Love Always Hopes, because I continue to pursue to you cover you with My Love, which I will when you at last stop running FROM Me and instead run TO Me. Remember that My Love Always Perseveres – because I am from Everlasting to Everlasting, and I am a patient God. My Love for you Never Fails.

ME: Yes, Lord, my love for you will never fail although sometimes I forget. When I grow weak, when I forget, will you strengthen me to continue to trust in You?