New Beginnings

There is only one verse we can look at today. You may find it rather surprising! “On the first day of the month were tops of the mountains seen,”(Genesis 8:5). The month here in Hebrew is the tenth month and that corresponds to our January.

On the ark what an exciting discovery that must have been! The floods were receding and the tops of the mountains could be seen! How marvellous God had not “forgotten to be gracious.” What will this new year hold for us? There are the reassuring mountain tops of GOD’S PROMISES, the mountain top of SPIRITUAL POSSIBILITIES. The the mountain tops of CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGES and CHALLENGING OPPORTUNITIES. Let’s forget the failures of the past and learn to trust Christ more and self less.

A final thought – the mountain tops could be seen because the ark had come to rest on “Mount Ararat” which means “Holy Ground.” Without true “consecration” there can only be a hazy vision of these other great truths. The ark was resting on the mountain top of Ararat – it is when we are on one mountain top that we see further mountain tops. The mountain top of CONSECRATION enables us to see the others more clearly.